CAEN – Prophetic Encounter Weekend

18 November 2017 @ 16 h 00 min – 19 h 30 min
Centrre Chretien AEC
6 rue de Bruxelles 14120 MONDEVILLE
Joseph et Marie-Christine PIERRE
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CAEN - Prophetic Encounter Weekend @ Centrre Chretien AEC

Come meet with us, gathering in His Presence and live with lets experience this unique power and manifestation of our faith united and merging together, our worship invading Heaven, our hope tasting the tangible faithfullness of God. Come receive a touch of our God who will change the current of your next season. Come and seize a powerful anointing to overcome reasonings and impossibilities. We are in a season of acceleration and our steps of faith will make the difference. Come and pour out your love and worship to the Lord and let us taste the Kingdom of God in our midst. Come, your presence will make the difference. You are precious, unique and full of God’s promises. He loves you !