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Faith – Meet God in His strenght

FAITH Walking on the Waters – Meeting God in His Strength Part 1 Walking on waters, eyes fixed on Jesus. Just as I write this line, I see myself already walking on a sea, sometimes agitated, sometimes calm. This famous instruction to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus takes a hold of me each time […]

The Letting Go !

Why not letting go ! Article by our french correspondand : Marc Vialle Why not let go: Stop the constant reasoning ! Abandon yourself! Why not let go? The price of an active and intimate spiritual life with Christ would not be without a good dose of ‘letting go’. The renunciation of our own efforts, of […]

2017 is already going fast

We are going through 2017 so fast. After 2 months in the caribbeans meeting wonderful brothers and sisters, encouraging and teaching. Experiencing together the intimacy with God, His presence, His proximity. Its now time to minister in our native province, Quebec. As soon as we arrived the traveling within Canada started and we are warmly […]

Politics from here and above

My thought of the day will be for politics… BUT hang on, don’t flee, it could be funny. Wow. Ouch.. Ouf… and more… I have seen intensity during these last 15 days preceding the US election of November 8. As the nation it lives in, one things is clear, the Christian camp is divided as […]


We have been here since October 2nd…Timothy, our fourth son and I, right in the Rosh Hashana celebration (the new year on the jewish calendar, we are in 5777)  Michel joined us a week later for Yom Kippur. For us it has been a time of waiting upon His voice, as he sorts out our […]