We have been here since October 2nd…Timothy, our fourth son and I, right in the Rosh Hashana celebration (the new year on the jewish calendar, we are in 5777)  Michel joined us a week later for Yom Kippur.

For us it has been a time of waiting upon His voice, as he sorts out our desires, dreams, thoughts. Its a time set apart to clear out minds of any distraction and to be attentive to His voice. It could of have happen any where in the world, but it was our wish to be here.

We met new friends, bumped into old friends with so much joy.  Everyday is a surprise. We don’t plan anything really… we wake up and go from there, and so far it has been wonderful.

Yes there is some very quiet day, nothing very special, nothing extrarodinary.. but isn’t this part of the journey of waiting upon the Lord.
There is a work done by Holy Spirit to which we can only help by saying yes, and surrendering totally.

But there it is.. I said the special word : surrendering totally.. So in order to do that, we need time.. cause eventually, in our walk with God.. we get to some stop signs.. Not that He says no.. we do.. even sometimes unconsciously. So what can we do.. Accept the process.

So all this to say.. much as happen in these 5 weeks.

Time flies pretty fast and already this coming Tuesday, Michel will be flying out to France and we, Tim and I, are leaving November 4th…