Politics from here and above

My thought of the day will be for politics… BUT hang on, don’t flee, it could be funny.

Wow. Ouch.. Ouf… and more…

I have seen intensity during these last 15 days preceding the US election of November 8. As the nation it lives in, one things is clear, the Christian camp is divided as much as any other circles of influence, and as much as in any other subject. The major issue is this: as believers and disciples of Christ, the one thing we are to be known for and make a difference, is that we should be known for unity and love, but that my friends seems to be passing by way ahead of our priority.

I agree to disagree, there is no question about that. I’m learning to stand my ground and realise other are walking on the same planet earth. Could we reach a place where we could disagree with love and respect for goodness sake. The problem is that an awful big number of people are choosing the easy way, DISAGREEMENT equals DISENGAGEMENT.

We have to mature, it is urgent. Yes, some would say: I’m call to pray. Yes, we are all. Then after prayer, comes action. Remember the story of the boat, you float and you paddle. Otherwise the only thing happening is floating, not advancing. If you are lucky, winds will push you forward, and in the good direction… That would be wonderful, right?… But what about when contrary winds arise? What about if there is a due date you need to get somewhere, would you need to get active in paddling to move that boat faster. And more important to get that boat where it needs to go? (skills, strength and endurance, could come handy) People have faith, wonderful. But they are disconnecting it from their role and responsibility. Oh gosh, I plead guilty myself, but what now, should I remain disconnected or be part of the change?
My son told me not so long ago during a conversation that his dad and I were having with him, that we acted like ostriches on a certain subject and that we sweep the challenge at hand under the rug and avoid talking with him about this sensitive subject. It came in our faces like a hammer, but you know what, he was right. Did it hurt my feelings and my pride, oh yes…? Yes, we had a big divergence of opinion on that point, mix feelings and fears, and by and by, we avoid the responsibility to speak into his life with objectivity, stating our point of view, each one of our responsibility and thrive for the best solution. We were weak, we turn a blind eye on the subject. I sorrowfully regret but I learn.

I see the nations, the population and the church body doing exactly the same thing. It will not work. Those skeletons will come out of the wardrobe, and to make it worse they will when you don’t want it, went you can’t afford it, and most probably when you are already down on your knees. (not specifically praying but begging for help) ….

But I realize, help by the videos of many speakers from divers venue, that finally people will vote base on the charisma level of the candidate that appeals to them. Many and if not most of the time, if you ask people in the street why they vote, meaning what politics their candidates are representing, they won’t be even able to articulate 3 points that makes sense. If you push the interrogation further, they will have mentioned politics often preach by the opponent of your favourite candidates. Isn’t this appalling. It’s downright scary. Let’s engage, and educate ourselves.

We can debate again and again, we can come to the conclusion and the evidence that all politics and financial systems are rig, rotten and ridiculously manipulating the masses. We can decide to sit and let go of our rights to vote, for the past as shown that nothing is changing, NO, many things have changed for better in the past, and it will again, some change came with new reality, that’s ok, we reconsider, evaluate and keep on moving on, let’s work at making sure it changes for the better again.
But as I was listening to an MP from the UK government, interview by a man researching the impact of the movement ‘Anonymous’, she said: nothing will change if the movement doesn’t get inside. Especially the younger population, coming with their passion, energy, ideals and strength and the oldest with their experience, skills and wisdom. There is plenty of skilled, loving and world changer out there, we need to see them.
Many Christians say: politics is not of my business. But breaking news. How can it be not? Why did we stand for women right to vote, good lord, should we have stayed in our kitchen and knits sweaters… Nothing wrong with that, of course, but what else !!!
Politics is opinion, position and actions…Where do you stand? You’re not floating right? Now let’s find a way to hear you.
Some of us are partaker of this belief. God exists. He is God, King and Commander in chief: we are in God’s army. I agree. We obey, of at least try, to this higher hierarchy, coming from God our creator. It’s our foundation. We do believe that this supreme being in above us and in us, through His spirit.

Why can’t He bring change through you, through me?

How then can we be expected to go about our days, work, eat and sleep without engaging in the life we live in, in our society, in our community. We can make a difference where we are, and for many, God will lead you in new paths of possible influence if you are willing to obey, able to trust.

I am speaking to myself this morning. Where will my faith carry me? Will I be willing to engage and trigger something by putting my faith into action? Yes, it will need prayers, yes I will kneel many times in the face of the challenges barking at me. But when I rise up, will I be moving forward or will I stand still? His hope my anchor?

We can’t complain about our situation if we are not willing to do something about it, and don’t you tell me you don’t… then 99% would be declare flat out liars. One mentor said once, if you can put up with it, shut up about it… Changes will only occur when you are willing to move out of the comfort of your uncomfortable situation…Easy, NO, but doing and believing for it is better than remaining miserable about it.

We are not just call to pray. It can’t be… That the starting point. Move by compassion, Jesus went about healing the sick. His love through us, is action. Like Heidi Bakker said: love looks like something. Simple, clear and a key we can all apply on a daily basis.

As believers we can seat on these pews for 1000 of Sunday morning, and swallow and 1000 sermons. But you know very well, or at least I should know by now, if I’m not love, and lovingly engaging… what’s next?

We are not defending God, He is. So was is our role in this relationship.

We are vessels call to be moulded a perfect fit to Christ character. Not that we can do this on our own strength and skills, but we call all yield to His voice. Its available to us to learn to walk in unity to His heart beat.

That does not mean act like carpets to walk on, but to reach a place where we can express who He is, not in a vindictive way, but a tangible way.

I choose hope, I choose that faith is active, relevant, and beautiful.

We don’t know the lengths of our days here on earth. Why not choose hope and faith, the joy provided when we hit breakthroughs is really out of this world! It’s worth the endurance it requires, the key element to see any durable changes.

I see the church walls as the panelling of a nice incubator: Warm, fuzzy and secure. (well I prefer the mama’s arm) … but for the sake of making this allegory. SECURE… a place where we can be though by leaders that have gone before us, not perfect, but perfectly aware of their portion and their role, thought by brothers and sisters walking the walk, with their good days and their bad days, give our bit of wisdom on the way, challenge and be challenge to reach full potential, and discover together the beauty and the depth of Him who made it relevant for us to gather in His name and then, there is the big wide world and now the big world wild web…..our play park, our living environment, our mission field, our daily action ground.

Some of us are I will add this. Christian have a wonderful place. By faith, we are seating in the heavenly places, seating at this table with Christ, where our Lord, Leader and Brother can share his heart and strategies to see His kingdom be manifested on earth. What a great privilege. It’s our right, our position, our mission.

Then believers or not, on earth we are all in it together. Each one is part of it and plays an active role, conscious or not. Let us be challenged this moment to live fully, and when our ticket to check out comes along, to be able to say, I gave it all, I did my best, now it’s your turn to live fully.